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Chris Rees crees at freebsd.org
Fri Jan 13 07:20:38 UTC 2012

On 12 January 2012 22:38, Da Rock
<freebsd-ports at herveybayaustralia.com.au> wrote:
> On 01/13/12 07:30, Chris Rees wrote:
>> Also, no, you shouldn't (can't) set Make variables inside a target, as
>> covered before.
>> However... instead of
>> .if defined(NOPORTDOCS)
>> PLIST_SUB etc etc
>> stuff, just remove all the PORTDOCS lines from pkg-plist, and use the
>> magic variable PORTDOCS:
>> PORTDOCS=       *
>> :)
> I must be a little slow this morning... I don't get it. How does that work?
> I would like to point out also that the docs are 30/70 nss and pam related
> respectively. So if I install without pam then the pam docs are not
> installed.

>From Porter's Handbook:

If a directory is listed in PORTDOCS or matched by a glob pattern from
this variable, the entire subtree of contained files and directories
will be registered in the final packing list.

Basically, PORTDOCS=* is the same as including find `make -V DOCSDIR`
in the pkg-plist, without the plist bloat and complication.



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