multimedia/zoneminder: rc script runs mysql commands?

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Wed Jan 11 20:14:22 UTC 2012

 We have the same problem with a commercial product. Is the user decided to pull a black cord Instead of a soft shut down, the next time a power it up, sometimes there is a race conditions between time out on the services that are looking to a running sequel server, and the database recovery. rc ordering is a good way to at least give me a hint which 1 needs to start first but has everyone has observed, it in a bit self cannot guarantee this service is running. you could do something funky with wait pid but you might not want the system to hang waiting for everything to start. some kind of passive wait loop 2 seconds wait loop 4 seconds wait loop 10 seconds wait loope 60 seconds wait loop 120 seconds but this is not a free bsd porting issue. Uostream would
 need to look at it.
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> On Wed, 11 Jan 2012 12:16:45 -0600, Boris Samorodov <bsam at>
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> > The problem is: while start-up zoneminder is launched after mysql
> > was started but is not responding yet.

This, unfortunatelly, highlights perhaps our biggest problem with
starting services.

rc.d basically only *orders* the scripts
- REQUIRE is just "this service needs to be started after that one"
- AFTER is just a lax checkpoint in the booting sequence
And if a script doesn't really start the service, for whatever reason,
there's 0 feedback mandeted/provided by the framework.

For short, while everything works OK, it's good enough. If not ... it's
just misleading.

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