multimedia/zoneminder: rc script runs mysql commands?

Mark Felder feld at
Wed Jan 11 17:58:21 UTC 2012

Hi all,

The zoneminder port has this in its rc script which really should go away:

zm_prestart() {
local _count=0

         while : ; do
                 echo "USE zm; SELECT Username from Users where Id=1;" | \
                         /usr/local/bin/mysqltest -u root zm > /dev/null  
2>&1 && return
                 _count=$(( $_count + 1 ))
                 if [ $_count -gt 10 ]; then
                         err 1 "${name}: mysqltest command failed"

                 sleep 1

If you have your mysql install on a different server (which you should if  
you have tons of cameras and events) the startup fails to work. I can't  
see a reason why this should be kept, but perhaps someone else has an  
idea? This isn't a common practice in any other program that requires a  



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