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Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
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On 09/01/2012 21:52, alexus wrote:
> I'm trying to migrate from REDHAT EL world to FREEBSD. We have a
> policy of installing binary packages and stay away from compiling
> source code. I have FreeBSD-9.0RC3 and I did pkg_add -r apache22
> pkg_add -r php5, so now I have both packages installed but I can't
> get them to work together...

You might want to review that policy if you're going to move to FreeBSD.
 Much of the unique benefit of the ports system is obtained through
using it to compile software (which you can tune to your specific use
case much better) rather than by installing generic binary packages.
The apache22 port is a particularly good example.  If you go to compile
that from ports, you'll find you can tailor pretty much every apache
module that gets included in your system, plus you have an unprecedented
degree of control over what gets built into the apache portable runtime
layer as well.  Meaning you can really slim down and get more apache
processes into your available memory, hence greater throughput.

On the other hand, it is a bit daunting to wade through all those
options if you aren't very familiar with them and don't know what is
really needed, and what can be cast aside.

Yes, compilation takes a bit longer than download+install, but not a
huge amount greater in most cases.  (Some ports are monsters and take
ages to build, but they are exceptional.)

Ports does make it quite simple to build your own binary packages with
all your required customizations, which you can then use to manage your
live systems.  The best of both worlds really.



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