Introducing fpart - a file partitioning tool

andrew clarke mail at
Sat Jan 7 04:39:35 UTC 2012

On Fri 2012-01-06 11:36:56 UTC+0100, Ganael LAPLANCHE (ganael.laplanche at wrote:

> Have you ever wondered how you could split a file tree into parts of the
> same size, or into parts with a limited size or file number ?
> I have developed a small BSD-licensed tool called fpart that can do that
> for you (see and
> This small C program will crawl a given set of file or directory paths,
> organize them and print resulting partitions. This can be useful to e.g.
> launch several rsync(1) in parallel or store files on media of limited size.

Interesting!  Thanks.  I see there's a similar program called
GAFFitter in the Ports tree (sysutils/gaffitter)...

"Genetic Algorithm File Fitter, or just GAFFitter, is a command-line
software written in C++ that arranges--via a genetic algorithm--an
input list of items or files/directories into volumes of a certain
capacity (target), such as CD or DVD, in a way that the total wastage
is minimized. By smartly arranging the input list, GAFFitter fits
better the given items and so optimizes (reduces) the number of
required volumes to pack them.

Currently, GAFFitter runs on GNU/Linux and other POSIX systems, but it
is designed in such manner that should be easily extended to non-POSIX
operating environment."

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