linux-f10-nss_ldap: my first port - be gentle :)

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Fri Jan 6 21:16:27 UTC 2012

On Thu, 5 Jan 2012 12:18:25 +0100 Gary Jennejohn
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> On Thu, 05 Jan 2012 09:52:40 +1000
> Da Rock <freebsd-ports at> wrote:

> > And I have a question or two about the rpm. Do I need to script 
> > something to just extract the files needed, or is it already in the
> > mk files already somewhere?
> >
> I suspect that setting USE_LINUX_RPM= yes in Makefile should be all
> you need, but I've never done a RPM port.  Some seem to use only

More or less correct. He already has his Makefile nearly at the minimum.

> > And how do I work out the url for fetching the rpm? This particular
> > one is a moving target as the distro is already eol. Is it stored
> > on the FreeBSD servers? Or what do I do here?
> >
> That could be a problem.  Maybe a committer could host it for you.
> I'm hosting flwm-1.00.tgz, although I don't think it's used anymore.

If it is not available on the Fedora 10 sites, you can host it on your
system, or someone can offer to host it for you. We can arrange to host
it on FreeBSD systems, I already have some linux ports there.

> > In the porters handbook it mentions checksums and "make makesum" -
> > does that mean I have to put it in the ports tree to try it?
> >
> I just update Makefile, fetch the tarball and then run "make makesum"
> before generating diffs or making a tarball of the port.

The linux ports are a little bit special. They are binary ports and the
GPL requires that we distribute the source too. So if the RPM and the
SRPM follow the distribution-default-naming-convention, you should run
"make -DPACKAGE_BULDING makesum" and it will also take care about the
SRPM. Without this we can not really integrate it into the ports tree
(and the package building cluster will spit out errors). If it does not
follow the naming convention, you have to override it (if you set
DISTFILES, you need to set SRC_DISTFILES manually, you have to set
has the corresponding code.

> > And is pkg-message scripted or do I just create it?
> >
> See the comment in /usr/ports/Mk/  There are lots of very
> informative comments in that file.

If you do not want to use variable-expansion in it, you just create it.


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