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On 06/01/2012 14:33, Da Rock wrote:

> There are native ports, and there are the linux base ports. For the
> native ports the maintainer hosts? But these linux ports are they hosted
> on the linux rpm sites? Or are they hosted by the maintainer? So I
> believe I cannot sort a few things out until I know exactly what is
> going on here. As I mentioned its eol, but if the rest come from the
> linux sites...

The fact that some ports are linux-base ports and some are native is not
that significant.  The important differences are that:

 * the linux ports install into PREFIX=/compat/linux and the native
   ports generally use PREFIX=/usr/local

 * you don't compile the linux ports from source; instead you just
   unpack pre-compiled binaries from one or other of the Linux
   packaging systems.

Who hosts the distfiles depends entirely on circumstance.  If there's an
active project that has the distfile freely available for download, then
use that.  Otherwise you will have to find a server somewhere you could
make the distfiles available from.  That should be distinct from the
distfile cache generated by the ports building cluster.   This is the
same irrespective of whether it is a linux-base or a native port.

> All I want is 3 files from the usr/lib in the rpm (I think). What I
> couldn't quite ascertain is what is done here in the
> is it extracted and the files copied by make? Or is the rpm installed as
> in linux? provides a customized version of the do-install make
target, and all the necessary bits to extract the files from the .rpm,
so yes.

However, it does assume packages are downloaded from one of the
well-known FTP sites for (in your case) Fedora 10, so you'll have to
override that bit by setting MASTER_SITES etc. yourself.

> If I have to find a host for it I can host it, but what opportunities
> for a backup site exist in case of failure? Do I have to arrange that as
> the maintainer, or is it mirrored by FreeBSD automatically? Ideally I
> suppose both those scenarios would be in order.

More than one download site is desirable, but not an absolute
requirement.   Unless the license terms say otherwise, the distfiles
will end up being mirrored on but this doesn't count
towards the number of available download sites.

> I've been spending the past few days trying to work out a tinderbox but
> my resources are stretched. I'm hoping to rectify this in the near
> future, but so far nada...

It's only just been opened to public use, but it seems to be being
received with great gladness so far.

> The checksums are all tied up with the hosting and so I'm still stuck
> there until I work it out, Paul. So I have to untangle these threads so
> I have a clearer picture on what I'm doing. from what I understand in
> what you're telling me it means I have to create the checksums to make
> available from the site, and makesum downloads it. If thats right, what
> do I have to do to create them? The handbook says differently (I think?
> Maybe I'm reading it wrong...)

Usually the process is that you edit the Makefile to see up the
do with downloading the distfile.

Then you just run 'make makesum'

That should download the distfile, calulate the SHA256 checksum and
write out a suitable distinfo file automatically.

If there are out-of-band mechanisms for checking the integrity of the
distfile, then you as maintainer should certainly check them. (eg.
digital signatures on distfiles or published checksums)  However, once
you've done that then the SHA265 checksum in distinfo should be
sufficient to ensure all ports users are downloading the same, correct,

> Either that or maybe I'm just too tired rather than confused... :/ I'll
> have a look at another linux port tomorrow and pull it apart- and I'll
> try one closer to the core this time.

Yep.  Blatantly copying from a similar and well-written port is the best
method, and definitely approved of.  Watch out for older ports though --
best practice has changed over time, and not all ports have been updated
to match.



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