FreeBSD Port: f2c-20060810_3 - Missing Extract depend unzip

Jason Hall cakersq at
Fri Jan 6 00:22:04 UTC 2012


In FreeBSD 9.0, "unzip" was added to the base install.  As a result, the 
PORT fails to extract properly, because it is trying to use 
/usr/local/bin/unzip, instead of the built in /usr/bin/unzip.

The reason is the "EXTRACT_DEPENDS=unzip:${PORTSDIR}/archivers/unzip" 
line in the Makefile, because "unzip" is found, so archivers/unzip port 
is not installed, and the ${UNZIP_CMD} attempts to run /usr/local/bin/unzip.

I'd recommend either setting EXTRACT_DEPENDS=/usr/local/bin/unzip, or 
using the USE_ZIP variable, which does that automatically.  This will 
force the install of the additional archivers/unzip port.

Alternatively, checking for /usr/bin/unzip and using that instead of 
${UNZIP_CMD} will allow that use without installing another port.


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