Porter's Handbook: PREFIX and DESTDIR

Warren Block wblock at wonkity.com
Thu Jan 5 02:29:50 UTC 2012

> New version in the same place.
> Existing section:
> http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/porters-handbook/porting-prefix.html
> Proposed:
> http://www.wonkity.com/~wblock/porters-prefix/book.html#PORTING-PREFIX
> diff: http://www.wonkity.com/~wblock/porters-prefix/patch-porters-prefix.diff

Now that most of this section has been bludgeoned into relative 
submission, returning to this issue mentioned by Benjamin Kaduk in -doc:

quote from the proposed new version:
   The value of PREFIX will be set to LOCALBASE (defaulting to
   /usr/local).  If USE_LINUX_PREFIX is set, PREFIX will be LINUXBASE
   (defaulting to /compat/linux).

Quoth Benjamin Kaduk:

> I don't think we've yet said something like: LOCALBASE should be set 
> to where existing ports have already been installed (the ``base 
> directory'' of where the ``local additions'' to the system have been 
> made); it is uncommon for having PREFIX != LOCALBASE in normal usage. 
> We probably should say something like that.

Thinking about this a bit, it seems like something to tell the end user 
rather than the porter.  Although maybe it is something the porter 
should consider.  I don't know.

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