status of eclipse [WAS Re: No working IDE in FreeBSD!]

Thomas Gellekum Thomas.Gellekum at
Tue Feb 28 12:59:03 UTC 2012

On 02/28/12 10:38, kron wrote:
> On 2012/02/26 15:53, Dan Daley wrote:
>> Not all IDEs are so out of data.  Netbeans is quite current (7.1).  Eclipse is
>> pretty close to the commonly available version as well.
> Hi,
> actually, eclipse *is* out of date:
>     java/eclipse: 3.6.2
>     java/eclipse-devel: 3.7.0
> while the latest stable is 3.7.2.
> 3.7.1 was the first eclipse supporting Java 7 syntax.
> Since I need it (I collaborate on some Java 7 projects)
> I run it on a Linux virtual machine.
> I tried to update the port but failed and now I'm short
> of time. Is anybody working on the port? A week or two
> ago I asked on freebsd-eclipse@ but no response.

I'm working on it (3.7.1; there are no 3.7.2 source tarballs for 
download, AFAICS). I should have an update ready by the end of the week.


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