No working IDE in FreeBSD!

John Marino freebsdml at
Sun Feb 26 11:29:25 UTC 2012

On 2/26/2012 11:48 AM, O. Hartmann wrote:
> On 02/23/12 14:38, Eduardo Morras wrote:
>> At 12:22 23/02/2012, O. Hartmann wrote:
>>> Several time ago I tried to do some development within an IDE, not even
>>> for lectural and educational purposes. Since most of our software is
>>> written in C/C++ and OpenCL, I highly prefered ANJUTA, since this IDE
>>> was highly customizable, flexible and even FreeBSD's ancient outdated
>>> version in the ports suited our needs.
>>> Anjuta does not compile anymore for a long time. I do not know why, I
>>> filed a PR (ports/161494). So I was looking for an alternative.
>>> I looked for some alternatives. The IDE should be configurable to use
>>> CLANG. ECLIPSE is to large and it does not fit my purpose. I tried
>>> devel/CodeBlocks, but CodeBlocks is narrowminded in terms of
>>> configuration of an alternative compiler and I find it really hard and
>>> not intuitiv to reconfigure the usage of CLANG.
>>> devel/anjuta is broken, so no chance. I also tried KDevelop, since many
>>> of our Linux based scientists feel good having this very popular IDE,
>>> but it is marked "broken" on FreeBSD.
>>> Before I waste more time on searching for a suitable IDE apart ANJUTA,
>>> I'd like to ask people here what alternative they would suggest if the
>>> focus is devel/anjuta. Eclipse is no way, KDevelop is broken, CodeBlocks
>>> is incapable of being easily adapted to CLANG.
>>> Befor people tend to start a flame war: yes, I'm fine with vi and I'm
>>> also fine with vim/gvim, but our students need to have the opportunity
>>> to work with an IDE and our projects are partially that large, so an IDE
>>> is needed.
>>> Thanks a lot for your patience and recommendations in advance.
>> Codelite, i use it and works fine (Freebsd 8.2) with Clang. Version on
>> ports is 3.0 not 3.5. On the webpage you have information about how to
>> configure for use with clang/llvm.
> Codelite looks nice. But why is codelite setup in editors/codelite and
> not in devel/codelite as other IDEs?
> By the way, do all IDEs supported by FreeBSD suffer from being outdated
> and aged eons? CodeLite 3.5 is at this very moment the most recent
> version and claims to provide a much better LLVM/CLANG support.

Not all IDEs on FreeBSD are outdated.
The GNAT Programming Studio in FreeBSD is at version 5.0.1, which is the 
latest that can be built with an Ada-enabled version of gcc 4.6.

home page:

It's multi-language.  The languages with graphical support by default 
are Ada, C, and C++.  You can add support for any other language by 
added xml configuration files (see documentation).

I haven't tried, but I suspect the configuration can be set to use clang 
for the C/C++ languages.

It deserves a look by those seeking a language IDEs.


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