Fix nvidia-like ports, help needed

John Hein jhein at
Thu Feb 23 19:56:35 UTC 2012

Baptiste Daroussin wrote at 11:28 +0000 on Feb 23, 2012:
 > On 23.02.2012 08:34, Alexander Leidinger wrote:
 > > Do you havea list of packages which overzrite something, respectively
 > > do you have a list of files which are overwriten?
 > >
 > > If we just talk about the nvidia lib, installing the mesa and nvidia
 > > ones into subdirectories and asking to add (or adding
 > > automatically/optionally) ldconfig_paths="$ldconfig_paths
 > > /usr/local/lib/<port>-gl/" to rc.conf could be an option.
 > Currently, no I don't have a list of packages that overwrite things, 
 > anyway way I do really like this kind of solution, I don't know yet how 
 > this can be automated, it really looks the right way.

If the nvidia libGL can be dynamically linked with, say, a vnc server, and
have it be a drop in replacement for the mesa libGL, then ldconfig_paths
would be fine.  If not, then those apps which need the mesa libGL would
need to link with -rpath perhaps to point at the "right" libGL (or
pass appropriate path info to those apps that might use dlopen(3)).

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