CFT: pkgng support for tinderbox

Baptiste Daroussin bapt at
Mon Feb 20 11:11:18 UTC 2012

On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 10:50:38AM +0100, Beat Gätzi wrote:
> 2012/2/18 George Liaskos <geo.liaskos at>:
> > There seems to be an issue with most of the x11-font ports, fonts.dir
> > and fonts.cache are not handled correctly.
> >
> >
> Thanks for your feedback. I will take a look at it.
> Beat

This is known and i'm working on a fix, this is due to one of the main
difference between pkg_install and pkgng (the way the plist in particular the
@exec are handled) anyway this proves the tinderbox support for pkgng is working
as espected which is good :)

btw the way the fonts (mkfontdir/mkfontscale) are handled by most of the ports
is just crappy it should be sanitized and be more consistent across the
different fonts port (should the the font.cache and font.dir be embedded on the
package or not, when to execute the mkfontdir/mkfontscale, should we force it to
run at each font installations etc)

if someone has knowledge about X11 and fonts handling it will be good if he
could tackle this task or at least share the knowledge so that we have an
efficient and consistent way to manage it. (should we still have messages about
the line to had to xorg.conf now that fontconfig manager everything? etc)

Back to the pkgng support in tinderbox subject, thanks for having tested it,
this means the support is good which mean we can probably go further (release?)
but let the tinderbox guys decide about it :)

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