CUDA porting effort?

Super Bisquit superbisquit at
Fri Feb 17 19:09:59 UTC 2012

I'd be willing to try building it on the Power(PC) platform.

On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 4:45 PM, Eric McCorkle <eric at> wrote:

> Given that NVidia is releasing the CUDA platform source on a limited
> basis, is anyone actively working to port it to FreeBSD?  The reason I
> ask is that to get access to the source, you have to submit a request
> explaining what you intend to use it for.  It might be a good idea to
> get ahold of the source on behalf of FreeBSD, so that interested people
> could work on porting it.  I could devote a small amount of time to such
> an effort; I'm wondering if there's interest from anyone else.

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