CFR: net-mgmt/observium

rflynn at rflynn at
Fri Feb 17 01:29:08 UTC 2012

Hi Eitan,

> why is fping in the files/ directory instead of being fetched from somewhere?

Cause I was looking for EXTRA_FILES and similar knobs and gave up, while I
should be looking at EXTRACT_ONLY. Got it fixed locally.

> patch-html::graph-realtime.php should be upstreamed instead being
> locally modified for FreeBSD.

Hmm. If the FreeBSD php is vanilla, things "work". As soon as you put a
sane (f.e. php.ini-production) php.ini in play, things stop working, the
culprit being short_open_tags. My intention was to not flood maintainer mail
relating to that.

I probably can rewrite it as an REINPLACE_CMD to save the ports tree 8k in

-- Mel

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