lang/gcc rumdependencies?

b. f. bf1783 at
Thu Feb 16 16:36:47 UTC 2012

>The main question is why this port (and everythin else with
>USE_GCC=4.6+) depend on lang/gcc46 and not lang/gcc. Most port users
>dislike building latest gcc snapshot on a weekly basis.

Indeed.  But (as discussed before on this list), they don't have to,
if they find this to be a problem: they can remove lang/gcc46 and
replace it with lang/gcc.

>Maybe it would be good to move current lang/gcc46 to lang/gcc46-devel
>and rename lang/gcc to lang/gcc46?

No, because in time lang/gcc will become a stable release of 4.7.x,
and so on ...

A switch to lang/gcc is planned, as previously mentioned on this list.
 For the timing of the changes, you will have to ask Gerald -- he is
probably waiting for the next stable release of gcc 4.6, which will
contain some bugfixes that the current version of lang/gcc does not
have, before making the switch.  So far, stable releases have been
made every 3-4 months on that branch, and the last one was at the end
of October.


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