Making 8.3 packaged ports 'pretty'... and INSTALL_ICONS macro.

Oliver Heesakkers Oliver at
Thu Feb 16 15:52:53 UTC 2012

Op do 16 feb 2012 08:52:55 schreef Michael Scheidell:
> On 2/16/12 8:33 AM, Oliver Heesakkers wrote:
> > You committed the patch I wrote in ports/164344.
> I remember that.  and the discussion then was 'don't do that' :-)

I was not part of that discussion, so I'll just drop my 2 cents here now.

> because, it is 'undefined', as in 'sorta random'.

I agree that it's not a 'handbook-solution', but it works and I think your 
reservations below are unwarranted.

> some systems will run
> the gtk cache, some won't,

Yes, that was the whole point of the patch, or rather, not compiling / 
installing the tools that create the cache was.

> and some will run it depending on if gnome is
> installed before the port, but won't run it if after.

Looking at Mk/ and some Gnome pkg-plists, installing Gnome 
afterwards would trigger a run of gtk-update-icon-cache in the right 
directory, for Merkaartor anyway, so no problem there. Other ports may need 
checking whether this holds true for them.
The installation of Gnome could/should trigger a run of gtk-update-icon-cache 
for every directory in ${PREFIX}/share/icons. (there are only 4 on my desktop 
and 3 of them have icon caches, even though Gnome itself was never installed).

> This also causes problems with package building, if package is built on
> a different box (one with) , and installed on a box 'without', there are
> problems.

The only problem I see is that on the box installing the package, it would 
pull in the Gnome-stuff (hopefully as a package), which is no worse than 
unconditionally setting INSTALLS_ICONS.

The other way around is worse. A package built without Gnome, installed on a 
system with Gnome, would require a manual application of gtk-update-icon-

Seems to me that the gnome-team needs to either confirm the claim in 
ports/162260 or come up with a way to update the icon cache for non-Gnome 
ports in a way that maintainers of those ports need not bother with 
INSTALLS_ICONS completely (and portlint has to be adjusted accordingly).

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