portmaster: Installing new ports without upgrading already installed ones ?

geoffroy desvernay dgeo at centrale-marseille.fr
Wed Feb 15 17:40:09 UTC 2012

On 15.02.2012 15:04, Marco Steinbach wrote:
> Hi there,
> is there a way for telling portmaster to not upgrade already installed
> dependencies, besides explicitly excluding these with '-x' or using
> In other words:  Is there a flag, or a combination thereof, to have
> portmaster conveniently just install missing and not upgrade allready
> installed dependencies -- like a 'make install' in a ports' directory
> would do ?
> I'm using portmaster 3.11.
> MfG CoCo

portmaster -i may let you decide what to update...

*geoffroy desvernay*
C.R.I - Administration systèmes et réseaux
Ecole Centrale de Marseille

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