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Andriy Gapon avg at
Sun Feb 12 21:37:14 UTC 2012

on 12/02/2012 23:17 Steve Kargl said the following:
> Empirical evidence suggests that ghostscript9 developers are using
> a newer version of the autotools.
> laptop:root[262] find . -name configure | xargs grep -i "freebsd\[1" | more
> ./lcms/configure:    freebsd[123].*) objformat=aout ;;
> ./lcms/configure:  freebsd[12].*)
> ./lcms/configure:    freebsd[123].*) objformat=aout ;;
> ./lcms/configure:    freebsd[123].*) objformat=aout ;;
> ./lcms/configure:    freebsd[123].*) objformat=aout ;;
> ./freetype/builds/unix/configure:    freebsd[123].*) objformat=aout ;;
> ./lcms2/configure:    freebsd[123].*) objformat=aout ;;
> ./lcms2/configure:      freebsd[12].*)
> ./lcms2/configure:    freebsd[123].*) objformat=aout ;;
> laptop:root[263] find . -name configure | xargs grep -i "freebsd1" | more
> ./lcms/configure:    freebsd1.*)
> ./lcms/configure:freebsd1.*)
> ./lcms/configure:freebsd1.*)
> ./lcms/configure:    freebsd1.*)
> ./lcms/configure:freebsd1.*)
> ./lcms/configure:    freebsd1.*)
> ./lcms/configure:freebsd1.*)
> ./freetype/builds/unix/configure:    freebsd1.*)
> ./freetype/builds/unix/configure:freebsd1.*)
> ./lcms2/configure:    freebsd1.*)
> ./lcms2/configure:freebsd1.*)
> The malloc issue will not appear on amd64 because the problematic
> code is 
> 	#elif !defined(__amd64__) && !defined(__APPLE__)
> 		#define HAVE_MEMALIGN
> 		#include <malloc.h>			
> 	#endif
> with the obvious fix
> 	#elif !defined(__amd64__) && !defined(__APPLE__) && !defined(__FreeBSD__)	
> 		#define HAVE_MEMALIGN
> 		#include <malloc.h>			
> 	#endif
> But, the 2nd issue with too many arguments in a function call is
> clearly evident on amd64 because I justed test that on FreeBSD 10.

BTW, I've just built the port here (FreeBSD 10.0-CURRENT #225 r231019 amd64)
without running into any problems.

make showconfig output:
===> The following configuration options are available for ghostscript9-9.05:
     A4SIZE=on "Set A4 (not Letter) as a default paper size"
     CUPS=on "Enable CUPS support"
     FONTCONFIG=on "fontconfig support"
     GTK=off "GTK frontend"
     X11=on "X11 support"
     GS_x11=on "D: X Window System version 11"
     GS_x11alpha=on "D: X Window System masquer. alpha capability"
     GS_x11cmyk=on "D: X Window System masquer. 1bit/plane CMYK"
     GS_x11cmyk2=on "D: X Window System 2-bit-per-plane CMYK"
     GS_x11cmyk4=on "D: X Window System 4-bit-per-plane CMYK"
     GS_x11cmyk8=on "D: X Window System 8-bit-per-plane CMYK"
     GS_x11gray2=on "D: X Window System 2-bit gray-scale"
     GS_x11gray4=on "D: X Window System 4-bit gray-scale"
     GS_x11mono=on "D: X Window System masquer. black-and-white"
     GS_x11rg16x=on "D: X Window System G5/B5/R6 pixel layout"
     GS_x11rg32x=on "D: X Window System G11/B10/R11 pixel layout"
     GS_lvga256=off "D: SVGAlib, 256-color VGA modes"
     GS_vgalib=off "D: SVGAlib, 16-color VGA modes"
     GS_oprp=on "D: OpenPrinting Raster driver interface"
     GS_opvp=on "D: OpenPrinting Vecter driver interface"
     GS_cups=on "D: CUPS driver"
     GS_display=on "D: display device for GS shared library"
     GS_omni=on "D: Omni driver"
     GS_md2k=on "D: ALPS MD-2000/2010/4000/1300/1500/5000"
     GS_md5k=on "D: ALPS MD-5000 Eco Mode"
     GS_md50Mono=on "D: ALPS MD-5000 Monochrome"
     GS_md50Eco=on "D: ALPS MD-5000 Eco Mode"
     GS_md1xMono=on "D: ALPS MD-1x00 Monochrome"
     GS_appledmp=on "D: Apple Dot Matrix Printer/Imagewriter"
     GS_iwhi=on "D: Apple Imagewriter, high-resolution mode"
     GS_iwlo=on "D: Apple Imagewriter, low-resolution mode"
     GS_iwlq=on "D: Apple Imagewriter LQ in 320x216dpi mode"
     GS_hl7x0=on "D: Brother HL-720/730/760(=PCL), MFC6550MC"
     GS_hl1240=on "D: Brother HL-1030/1240"
     GS_hl1250=on "D: Brother HL-1050/1070/1250/1270N"
     GS_bj10e=on "D: Canon BJ-10e"
     GS_bj10v=on "D: Canon BJ-10v"
     GS_bj10vh=on "D: Canon BJ-10v, high-mergin"
     GS_bj200=on "D: Canon BJ-200/BJC-240(mono)"
     GS_bjc600=on "D: Canon BJC-600/4xxx/70, StyleWriter 2x00"
     GS_bjc800=on "D: Canon BJC-240/800"
     GS_bjccmyk=on "D: Canon BJC-210/240/250/265/1000"
     GS_bjccolor=on "D: Canon BJC-210/240/250/265/1000 truecolor"
     GS_bjcgray=on "D: Canon BJC-210/240/250/265/1000 grayscale"
     GS_bjcmono=on "D: Canon BJC-210/240/250/265/1000 monochrome"
     GS_lbp8=on "D: Canon LBP-8II"
     GS_lbp310=on "D: Canon LBP-310"
     GS_lbp320=on "D: Canon LBP-320 Pro/LBP-350"
     GS_lips2p=on "D: Canon LIPS II+"
     GS_lips3=on "D: Canon LIPS III"
     GS_lips4=on "D: Canon LIPS IV"
     GS_bjc880j=on "D: Canon LIPS IVc, BJC-680J/880J"
     GS_lips4v=on "D: Canon LIPS IV, vector output mode"
     GS_m8510=on "D: C.Itoh M8510 printer"
     GS_coslw2p=on "D: CoStar LabelWriter II II/Plus"
     GS_coslwxl=on "D: CoStar LabelWriter XL"
     GS_uniprint=on "D: Configurable ESC/P,ESC/P2,HP-RTL/PCL,P2X"
     GS_dmprt=on "D: Configurable dot matrix printer driver"
     GS_dl2100=on "D: DEC DL2100"
     GS_la50=on "D: DEC LA50"
     GS_la70=on "D: DEC LA70"
     GS_la75=on "D: DEC LA75"
     GS_la75plus=on "D: DEC LA75+"
     GS_ln03=on "D: DEC LN03"
     GS_lj250=on "D: DEC LJ250 Companion color printer"
     GS_declj250=on "D: DEC LJ250 driver (alternate)"
     GS_ap3250=on "D: Epson ActionPrinter 3250"
     GS_epson=on "D: Epson dot matrix, 9/24-pin"
     GS_eps9mid=on "D: Epson 9-pin, interleaved lines, medium res"
     GS_eps9high=on "D: Epson 9-pin, interleaved lines, triple res"
     GS_lp8000=on "D: Epson LP-8000 line printer"
     GS_epag=on "D: Epson ESC/Page laser printer (generic)"
     GS_escpage=on "D: Epson ESC/Page laser printer (generic)"
     GS_lp2000=on "D: Epson LP-2000/3000/7000/7000G laser printer"
     GS_alc8600=on "D: Epson AL-C8600 color laser printer"
     GS_alc8500=on "D: Epson AL-C8500 color laser printer"
     GS_alc2000=on "D: Epson AL-C2000 color laser printer"
     GS_alc4000=on "D: Epson AL-C4000 color laser printer"
     GS_alc1900=on "D: Epson AL-C1900 color laser printer"
     GS_alc4100=on "D: Epson AL-C4100 color laser printer"
     GS_lp9800c=on "D: Epson LP-9800C color laser printer"
     GS_lp9000c=on "D: Epson LP-9000C color laser printer"
     GS_lp9500c=on "D: Epson LP-9500C color laser printer"
     GS_lp8800c=on "D: Epson LP-8800C color laser printer"
     GS_lp8300c=on "D: Epson LP-8300C color laser printer"
     GS_lp8500c=on "D: Epson LP-8500C color laser printer"
     GS_lp3000c=on "D: Epson LP-3000C color laser printer"
     GS_lp8200c=on "D: Epson LP-8200C color laser printer"
     GS_lp8000c=on "D: Epson LP-8000C color laser printer"
     GS_eplmono=on "D: Epson Esc/Page Generic driver, mono"
     GS_eplcolor=on "D: Epson Esc/Page Generic driver, color"
     GS_epl6100=on "D: Epson EPL-6100 laser printer"
     GS_epl5900=on "D: Epson EPL-5900 laser printer"
     GS_epl5800=on "D: Epson EPL-5800 laser printer"
     GS_epl2050=on "D: Epson EPL-N2050 laser printer"
     GS_epl2050p=on "D: Epson EPL-N2050+ laser printer"
     GS_epl2120=on "D: Epson EPL-N2120 laser printer"
     GS_epl2500=on "D: Epson EPL-N2500 laser printer"
     GS_epl2750=on "D: Epson EPL-N2750 laser printer"
     GS_lp9000b=on "D: Epson LP-9000B laser printer"
     GS_lp2500=on "D: Epson LP-2500 laser printer"
     GS_lp9100=on "D: Epson LP-9100(R) laser printer"
     GS_lp7900=on "D: Epson LP-7900(R) laser printer"
     GS_lp7500=on "D: Epson LP-7500(R) laser printer"
     GS_lp2400=on "D: Epson LP-2400 laser printer"
     GS_lp2200=on "D: Epson LP-2200 laser printer"
     GS_lp9400=on "D: Epson LP-9400(R) laser printer"
     GS_lp8900=on "D: Epson LP-8900(R) laser printer"
     GS_lp8700=on "D: Epson LP-8700(R) laser printer"
     GS_lp8100=on "D: Epson LP-8100(R) laser printer"
     GS_lp7700=on "D: Epson LP-7700(R) laser printer"
     GS_lp8600f=on "D: Epson LP-8600FX(N) laser printer"
     GS_lp8400f=on "D: Epson LP-8400FX(N) laser printer"
     GS_lp8300f=on "D: Epson LP-8300F laser printer"
     GS_lp1900=on "D: Epson LP-1900(N) laser printer"
     GS_lp9600s=on "D: Epson LP-9600S laser printer"
     GS_lp9300=on "D: Epson LP-9300 laser printer"
     GS_lp9600=on "D: Epson LP-9600 laser printer"
     GS_lp8600=on "D: Epson LP-8600FX(N) laser printer"
     GS_lp1800=on "D: Epson LP-1800 laser printer"
     GS_lq850=on "D: Epson LQ-850 (360x360, emul on Canon BJ300)"
     GS_epsonc=on "D: Epson LQ-2550, Fujitsu 3400/2400/1200 color"
     GS_mj700v2c=on "D: Epson MachJet series, CMYK"
     GS_mj500c=on "D: Epson MachJet MJ-500C 360dpi, CMY/mono"
     GS_mj6000c=on "D: Epson MachJet MJ-830C/930C/6000C"
     GS_mj8000c=on "D: Epson MachJet MJ-8000C"
     GS_st800=on "D: Epson Stylus 800 printer"
     GS_stcolor=on "D: Epson Stylus Color and II/IIs/1500"
     GS_photoex=on "D: Epson Stylus Color Photo/Photo EX/Photo 700"
     GS_fmlbp=on "D: Fujitsu contrib2xx Page Printer"
     GS_fmpr=on "D: Fujitsu contrib"
     GS_lp2563=on "D: HP 2563B line printer"
     GS_cdnj500=on "D: HP DesignJet 500"
     GS_dnj650c=on "D: HP DesignJet 650C"
     GS_deskjet=on "D: HP DeskJet and DeskJet Plus"
     GS_djet500=on "D: HP DeskJet 500 (for DeskJet 600 use -r600)"
     GS_cdeskjet=on "D: HP DeskJet 500C (1b/px)"
     GS_djet500c=on "D: HP DeskJet 500C (alternative)"
     GS_cdjcolor=on "D: HP DeskJet 500C/540C (24b/px)"
     GS_cdjmono=on "D: HP DeskJet 500/510/520/540C (mono)"
     GS_cdj500=on "D: HP DeskJet 500/540C (same as cdjcolor)"
     GS_cdj550=on "D: HP DeskJet 550C/560C/660C/660Cse"
     GS_dj505j=on "D: HP DeskJet 505J"
     GS_cdj670=on "D: HP DeskJet 670/690"
     GS_cdj850=on "D: HP DeskJet 850/855/870/1100"
     GS_cdj880=on "D: HP DeskJet 880"
     GS_cdj890=on "D: HP DeskJet 890"
     GS_cdj1600=on "D: HP DeskJet 1600"
     GS_chp2200=on "D: HP Business Inkjet 2200"
     GS_cdj970=on "D: HP DeskJet 970CXi"
     GS_laserjet=on "D: HP LaserJet"
     GS_ljetplus=on "D: HP LaserJet Plus"
     GS_ljet2p=on "D: HP LaserJet IId/IIp/III* (TIFF compression)"
     GS_ljet3=on "D: HP LaserJet III* (Delta Row compression)"
     GS_ljet3d=on "D: HP LaserJet IIID (duplex capability)"
     GS_ljet4=on "D: HP LaserJet 4/5L/5P (not real LJ5), 600dpi"
     GS_ljet4d=on "D: HP LaserJet 4 (duplex + 600dpi)"
     GS_lj4dith=on "D: HP LaserJet 4 (Floyd-Steinberg dithering)"
     GS_ljet4pjl=on "D: HP LaserJet 4V/4LJ Pro"
     GS_lj4dithp=on "D: HP LaserJet 4V/4LJ Pro (dithering)"
     GS_cljet5=on "D: HP LaserJet 5/5M Color (new)"
     GS_cljet5c=on "D: HP LaserJet 5/5M Color Simple"
     GS_cljet5pr=on "D: HP LaserJet 5/5M Color (old)"
     GS_lj5mono=on "D: HP LaserJet 5/6 (PCL5/PCL XL), bitmap"
     GS_lj5gray=on "D: HP LaserJet 5/6 gray-scale bitmap"
     GS_pj=on "D: HP PaintJet XL driver"
     GS_pjetxl=on "D: HP PaintJet XL driver (alternate)"
     GS_pjxl=on "D: HP PaintJet XL color printer"
     GS_paintjet=on "D: HP PaintJet color printer (alternate)"
     GS_pjxl300=on "D: HP PaintJet XL300, DeskJet 1200C, CopyJet"
     GS_pxlmono=on "D: HP PCL XL mono (LaserJet 5/6 family)"
     GS_pxlcolor=on "D: HP PCL XL color (Color LaserJet 4500/5000)"
     GS_pcl3=on "D: HP PCL 3+ (generic)"
     GS_ijs=on "D: HP Inkjet and other raster devices"
     GS_ibmpro=on "D: IBM 9-pin Proprinter"
     GS_jetp3852=on "D: IBM Jetprinter ink-jet color (Model #3852)"
     GS_imagen=on "D: Imagen ImPress printers"
     GS_fs600=on "D: Kyocera FS-600 (600 dpi)"
     GS_lxm5700m=on "D: Lexmark 5700 monotone"
     GS_lxm3200=on "D: Lexmark 3200/Z12/Z22/Z31/Z32"
     GS_lex2050=on "D: Lexmark 2050"
     GS_lex3200=on "D: Lexmark 3200"
     GS_lex5700=on "D: Lexmark 5700"
     GS_lex7000=on "D: Lexmark 7000"
     GS_cp50=on "D: Mitsubishi CP50 color"
     GS_pr1000=on "D: NEC PC-PR 1000"
     GS_pr1000_4=on "D: NEC PC-PR 1000/4"
     GS_pr150=on "D: NEC PC-PR 150"
     GS_pr201=on "D: NEC PC-PR 201"
     GS_picty180=on "D: NEC PICTY 180 (PC-PR101J/180)"
     GS_necp6=on "D: NEC PinWriter P6/P6+/P60 (360x360)"
     GS_npdl=on "D: NEC Printer Description Language"
     GS_oce9050=on "D: OCE 9050 printer"
     GS_oki182=on "D: Okidata MicroLine 182"
     GS_okiibm=on "D: Okidata MicroLine IBM-compatible printers"
     GS_ml600=on "D: Okidata Microline 600CL/620CL"
     GS_oki4w=on "D: Okidata OkiPage 4w+"
     GS_atx23=on "D: Practical Automation ATX-23"
     GS_atx24=on "D: Practical Automation ATX-24"
     GS_atx38=on "D: Practical Automation ATX-38"
     GS_r4081=on "D: Ricoh 4081 laser printer"
     GS_rpdl=on "D: Ricoh Printer Description Language"
     GS_gdi=on "D: Samsung SmartGDI laser printer"
     GS_jj100=on "D: Star JJ-100"
     GS_sj48=on "D: StarJet 48 inkjet printer"
     GS_t4693d2=on "D: Tektronix 4693d color, 2b/RGB"
     GS_t4693d4=on "D: Tektronix 4693d color, 4b/RGB"
     GS_t4693d8=on "D: Tektronix 4693d color, 8b/RGB"
     GS_tek4696=on "D: Tektronix 4695/4696 inkjet plotter"
     GS_xes=on "D: Xerox XES (2700, 3700, 4045, etc.)"
     GS_bmpmono=on "D: BMP Monochrome"
     GS_bmpgray=on "D: BMP 8-bit gray"
     GS_bmp16=on "D: BMP 4-bit EGA/VGA"
     GS_bmp256=on "D: BMP 8-bit 256-color"
     GS_bmp16m=on "D: BMP 24-bit"
     GS_bmp32b=on "D: BMP 32-bit pseudo-.BMP"
     GS_bmpsep1=on "D: BMP Separated 1-bit CMYK"
     GS_bmpsep8=on "D: BMP Separated 8-bit CMYK"
     GS_ccr=on "D: CalComp Raster format"
     GS_cif=on "D: CIF file format for VLSI"
     GS_dfaxhigh=on "D: DigiBoard, DigiFAX (high res)"
     GS_dfaxlow=on "D: DigiFAX (normal res)"
     GS_xcf=on "D: Gimp XCF, RGB"
     GS_xcfcmyk=on "D: Gimp XCF, CMYK"
     GS_faxg3=on "D: Group 3 FAX (EOL + no header/EOD)"
     GS_faxg32d=on "D: Group 3 2-D FAX (EOL + no header/EOD)"
     GS_faxg4=on "D: Group 4 FAX (EOL + no header/EOD)"
     GS_miff24=on "D: ImageMagick MIFF, 24-bit direct color, RLE"
     GS_inferno=on "D: Inferno bitmaps"
     GS_jpeg=on "D: JPEG format, RGB output"
     GS_jpeggray=on "D: JPEG format, gray output"
     GS_mag16=on "D: MAG format, 16-color"
     GS_mag256=on "D: MAG format, 256-color"
     GS_mgrmono=on "D: MGR devices 1-bit monochrome"
     GS_mgrgray2=on "D: MGR devices 2-bit gray scale"
     GS_mgrgray4=on "D: MGR devices 4-bit gray scale"
     GS_mgrgray8=on "D: MGR devices 8-bit gray scale"
     GS_mgr4=on "D: MGR devices 4-bit (VGA) color"
     GS_mgr8=on "D: MGR devices 8-bit color"
     GS_pcxmono=on "D: PCX, 1-bit monochrome"
     GS_pcxgray=on "D: PCX, 8-bit gray scale"
     GS_pcx16=on "D: PCX, 4-bit planar EGA/VGA color"
     GS_pcx256=on "D: PCX, 8-bit chunky color"
     GS_pcx24b=on "D: PCX, 24-bit color 3x8-bit planes"
     GS_pcxcmyk=on "D: PCX, 4-bit chunky CMYK color"
     GS_pdfwrite=on "D: Portable Document Format"
     GS_psdrgb=on "D: PhotoShop PSD, RGB"
     GS_psdcmyk=on "D: PhotoShop PSD, CMYK"
     GS_bit=on "D: Plain bits, monochrome"
     GS_bitrgb=on "D: Plain bits, RGB"
     GS_bitcmyk=on "D: Plain bits, CMYK"
     GS_plan=on "D: PLANar 24 bit RGB (8 bits per channel)"
     GS_plang=on "D: PLANar 8 bit Grayscale"
     GS_planm=on "D: PLANar 1 bit Monochrome"
     GS_planc=on "D: PLANar 32 bit CMYK (8 bits per channel)"
     GS_plank=on "D: PLANar 4 bit CMYK (1 bit per channel)"
     GS_plib=on "D: PLANar Interlaced Banded 24 bit RGB"
     GS_plibg=on "D: PLANar Interlaced Banded 8 bit Grayscale"
     GS_plibm=on "D: PLANar Interlaced Banded 1 bit Monochrome"
     GS_plibc=on "D: PLANar Interlaced Banded 32 bit CMYK"
     GS_plibk=on "D: PLANar Interlaced Banded 4 bit CMYK"
     GS_plan9bm=on "D: Plan 9 bitmap format"
     GS_pam=on "D: Portable Arbitrary Map file"
     GS_pbm=on "D: Portable Bitmap, plain"
     GS_pbmraw=on "D: Portable Bitmap, raw"
     GS_pgm=on "D: Portable Graymap, plain"
     GS_pgmraw=on "D: Portable Graymap, raw"
     GS_pgnm=on "D: Portable Graymap, plain (PBM opt)"
     GS_pgnmraw=on "D: Portable Graymap, raw (PBM opt)"
     GS_pnm=on "D: Portable Pixmap, plain RGB (PGM/PBM opt)"
     GS_pnmraw=on "D: Portable Pixmap, raw RGB (PGM/PBM opt)"
     GS_ppm=on "D: Portable Pixmap, plain RGB"
     GS_ppmraw=on "D: Portable Pixmap, raw RGB"
     GS_pkm=on "D: Portable inKmap, plain (4b CMYK=>RGB)"
     GS_pkmraw=on "D: Portable inKmap, raw (4b CMYK=>RGB)"
     GS_pksm=on "D: Portable Separated map, plain (4b CMYK=>4p)"
     GS_pksmraw=on "D: Portable Separated map, raw (4b CMYK=>4p)"
     GS_pngmono=on "D: PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Mono"
     GS_pnggray=on "D: PNG 8-bit Gray"
     GS_png16=on "D: PNG 4-bit Color"
     GS_png256=on "D: PNG 8-bit Color"
     GS_png16m=on "D: PNG 24-bit Color"
     GS_pngalpha=on "D: PNG 32-bit RGBA Color"
     GS_png48=on "D: PNG 48-bit Color"
     GS_psmono=on "D: PostScript (Level 1) monochrome image"
     GS_psgray=on "D: PostScript (Level 1) 8-bit gray image"
     GS_psrgb=on "D: PostScript (Level 2) 24-bit color image"
     GS_pswrite=on "D: PostScript (like PostScript Distiller)"
     GS_ps2write=on "D: PostScript (Level 2) output"
     GS_epswrite=on "D: Encapsulated PostScript"
     GS_cfax=on "D: SFF format for CAPI FAX interface"
     GS_sgirgb=on "D: SGI RGB pixmap format"
     GS_sunhmono=on "D: Harlequin variant of 1-bit Sun raster file"
     GS_svgwrite=on "D: SVG driver"
     GS_tiffcrle=on "D: TIFF CCITT RLE 1 dim (G3 FAX with no EOL)"
     GS_tiffg3=on "D: TIFF Group 3 FAX (with EOL)"
     GS_tiffg32d=on "D: TIFF Group 3 2-D FAX"
     GS_tiffg4=on "D: TIFF Group 4 FAX"
     GS_tiffgray=on "D: TIFF 8-bit gray, no compress"
     GS_tiff12nc=on "D: TIFF 12-bit RGB, no compress"
     GS_tiff24nc=on "D: TIFF 24-bit RGB, no compress, NeXT format"
     GS_tiff32nc=on "D: TIFF 32-bit CMYK"
     GS_tiffsep=on "D: TIFF gray + CMYK composite"
     GS_tifflzw=on "D: TIFF LZW,      tag = 5,     mono"
     GS_tiffpack=on "D: TIFF PackBits, tag = 32773, mono"
     GS_bbox=on "D: Bounding box output"
     GS_devicen=on "D: DeviceN process color model device"
     GS_perm=on "D: DeviceN which permutes color components"
     GS_spotcmyk=on "D: DeviceN with CMYK and spot color support"
     GS_inkcov=on "D: Compute ink coverage"
===> Use 'make config' to modify these settings

Andriy Gapon

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