Beta 3 still not OK

Sergio de Almeida Lenzi lenzi.sergio at
Sat Feb 11 01:32:40 UTC 2012

Em Sáb, 2012-02-11 às 00:38 +0100, Baptiste Daroussin escreveu:

> Sorry pkg add was broken in beta2 this release fixes it.
> Changes:
> * fix pkg add (it is been broken during beta2 sorry about that)
> * fix manifest emitter: now really emit the pkg-message in message no more
>   description
> * add %M to pkg query to show messages
> * concat all pkg-messages and show it once at the end of operations
> * print messages about missing dependency during pkg add
> regards,
> Bapt

Hello, Baptiste,   Beta 3 still not ok...
 pkg upgrade 
Assertion failed: ((buf->s_flags & SBUF_FINISHED) == SBUF_FINISHED),
function sbuf_get, file pkg_util.c, line 36.
Abort trap: 6 (imagem do núcleo gravada)

the sequence was: 
pkg update   ====> OK
pkg upgrade =====> error...

the error comes before a query to the sql database at pkgdb.c line 2133
seems that buf->flags is missing SBUF_FINISHED...

data at buf is....

s_buf = 0x80081d200 "INSERT OR IGNORE INTO pkgjobs (pkgid, origin, name,
version, comment, desc, arch, osversion, maintainer, www, prefix,
flatsize, pkgsize, cksum, repopath, automatic) SELECT id, origin, name,
version, c"..., s_unused = 0x0, s_size = 512, s_len = 363, s_flags =

on downgrade to beta 1, 
it works....

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