Input on "most correct" way to set IS_INTERACTIVE for Postfix ports

rflynn at rflynn at
Tue Feb 7 21:27:32 UTC 2012

> On Feb 7, 2012, at 9:44 AM, rflynn at wrote:
>>> mail/postfix and its derivatives are interactive when ALL of the
>>> following conditions are true:
>>> - PACKAGE_BUILDING is undefined
>>> - /etc/mail/mailer.conf exists
>>> - /etc/mail/mailer.conf contains a line beginning with 'purgestat'
>>   - POSTFIX_DEFAULT_MTA is unset
> Right, but regardless of whether this is set, or what it is set to, the script
> still asks a question unless other conditions are met, and only the default answer
> (that is displayed along with the query) is affected.  Are you suggesting that we
> change the behavior to not ask the question at all, and just leave mailer.conf
> alone if the latter variable above is unset, and always change mailer.conf if it is
> set?  I just want to make sure I understand your suggestion.
> Thanks for your input.

Oh right, BATCH I think, been a while since I looked at it, but this
makes sense to me for the flag in question:


Then if it is set to NO, don't update.
If set to YES, do update.
Else be interactive.

The reason for an explicit NO, is that I'd like to be able to turn it
off and still not be confronted with a question.

-- Mel

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