[CFT] Xorg Upgrade 7.5.2

Martin Wilke miwi at FreeBSD.org
Sun Feb 5 17:47:36 UTC 2012

Knock knock...

The X11 Team is pleased to announce the next round of Xorg updates.
Note that this is experimental so you really have to know what you are
doing, read UPDATING in the repository, and follow our exact
instructions. We are specifically looking for feedback from Intel, ATI
and NVIDIA users.

Summary of changes:

xf86-video-nouveau has been removed along with the WITHOUT_NOUVEAU
knob. We suggest switching to the nvidia blob. 

KMS Support [1]:
Unfortunately, the intel KMS driver will only work for the latest
FreeBSD 9-STABLE or 10-CURRENT users. The patch for HEAD current is
named all.13.1.patch. The higher the version the newer the patch is.
Other needed patches are already available in the Xorg update.

HEAD Users:
Get the latest patchset from Kib here: 

9-STABLE Users: 
'meowthink' is currently maintaining the backport to 9 STABLE.
Make sure you have the latest FreeBSD 9-STABLE source.
Get the patch from here:

Rebuild your Kernel and reboot.

Known issuse:
There will be a patch reject in the sys/dev/drm/i915_suspend.c file.
The solution is to manually undo the expansion of the $FreeBSD: ....$
tag, so it only saysis $FreeBSD$.

Checkout Xorg Development Repo:
You will need to install devel/subversion in order to checkout the xorg
repo. Next, you will need to add WITH_NEW_XORG=yes in
your /etc/make.conf if you want to try out the new Xorg and mesa.

Intel users: note that if you are not qualified for the KMS patch, you
shouldn't use WITH_NEW_XORG=yes because the old intel driver doesn't
build with the new X server. If you are qualified, you should also set
WITH_KMS=yes in /etc/make.conf. 

svn co https://trillian.chruetertee.ch/svn/ports/tags/xorg_7_5_2

A small merge script to merge the svn checkout into the real portstree
can be found here:


The script is a modified version of the old kdemerge script. Please set
the KDEDIR variable to the path of your X.org ports.

After merging, run one of the following command, depending on which
tool you use to manage your installed packages.

    portupgrade -af \*
    portmaster -a

After installing these, you will have to rebuild all xf86-* ports. We
will bump all related ports during the commit to the ports tree.


Our current plan is to let the CFT running until the last weekend of
February. We hope to get a lot feedback to solve as many problems as
possible. So please help us to get the best xorg update ever in!

http://wiki.freebsd.org/Intel_GPU [1]

Your FreeBSD Xorg Team

PS: Please reply to the x11@ mailing list. Cross posted due to the
potentially disruptive nature of the change and need to get a wide
variety of testers.

With best Regards,
        Martin Wilke (miwi_(at)_FreeBSD.org)

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