Any common policy against conflicting choice in Makefile OPTIONS?

Olli Hauer ohauer at
Sun Feb 5 17:21:44 UTC 2012

On 2012-02-05 17:19, RyōTa SimaMoto wrote:
> Hi, I'm a port maintainer for multimedia/qmmp, and some ports.
> Before upgrading QMMP port, may I ask what is the common policy how to
> offer Makefile OPTIONS containing a certain contradictory pair?
> Actually the latest version of QMMP supports several versions of ffmpeg,
> including 0.7.11, 0.9, 0.9.1, and 2012.01.22 that I tested to verify, so it
> allows user to choose one of multimedia/ffmpeg or multimedia/ffmpeg-devel.
> As you know you should not select both of them, otherwise they may conflict
> with each other.  I plan to provide an entry for each of them.
>   | ....
>   | [*] FFMPEG        Support to playback by FFMPEG
>   | [ ] FFMPEG_DEVEL  Support to playback by FFMPEG-devel
>   | ....
> Then how should the Makefile proceed after the user's choice?
> When the user did not install any of them yet, it's easy: The installation
> would obey the user's order except when occationally both of them are
> enabled that results to fail with an alert message.  On the other hand, if
> one of them are already installed, Makefile would know which one is
> installed using 'exists(${LOCALBASE}/include/libavcodec/vda.h)' command.
> So, in fact, there is no question that which version the user want to use.
> The smartest way would be that provides a single entry which corresponds
> to the existing version and hides the other entry that should not be
> choosen.  Unfortunately, the value LOCALBASE is not defined until
> <> macro is loaded, that means we don't have any proper
> steps to determine what version is already installed when the Makefile
> construct the OPTIONS set.  So we have no other way than to let the option
> dialog always show both entries including quite wrong option.
> Then if the user selects the other one that might conflict with the
> installed version, there are six possible courses I assume.
>  0x000.  Quit the session with alert message instructing user to retry
>          'make config' to choose the already installed one that Makefile
>          knows.
>  0x001.  Dare to go through and expect that the depending port deals with
>          the conflicting issue.
>  0x002.  Use the installed version and omit the choice implicitly.
>  0x004.  Warn with short pause, then use the installed version and omit
>          the choice.
>  0x010.  Store options into /var/db/ports/* as are that the user selects.
>  0x020.  Store options into /var/db/ports/* with correction as actually
>          working.  (If option variables are allowed to be changed at
>          testing stage.)
> Is there any recommended policy?  If so, what way or a set of ways should I
> choose?

The following patch will do what you want, just polish the IGNORE messages.
Hopefully the include files do not change with the next versions.

--- Makefile.orig       2012-02-05 17:53:58.000000000 +0100
+++ Makefile    2012-02-05 18:16:00.000000000 +0100
@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@
                FLAC    "Support to playback FLAC files" on \
                MUSEPACK        "Support to playback MPC files" on \
                FFMPEG  "Support to playback FFMPEG files" on \
+               FFMPEG_DEVEL    "Support to playback FFMPEG-devel files" on \
                MODPLUG "Support to playback MOD files" on \
                WILDMIDI        "Support to playback MIDI files" on \
                GME     "Support video game music files" on \
@@ -147,6 +148,10 @@

+.if defined(WITH_FFMPEG) && defined (WITH_FFMPEG_DEVEL)
+IGNORE=        coose only one FFMPEG option
 LIB_DEPENDS+=  avcodec.1:${PORTSDIR}/multimedia/ffmpeg
@@ -458,6 +463,20 @@
 CFLAGS+=       -I${LOCALBASE}/include -L${LOCALBASE}/lib

+.include <>
+.if defined(WITH_FFMPEG)
+. if exists(${LOCALBASE}/include/libavcodec/vda.h)
+IGNORE=        seems ffmpeg-devel is installed but OPTION is different
+. endif
+.if defined(WITH_FFMPEG_DEVEL)
+. if exists(${LOCALBASE}/include/ffmpeg/sha1.h)
+IGNORE=        seems ffmpeg is installed but OPTION is different
+. endif
        ${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's| -ldl| $${CMAKE_DL_LIBS}|' \
@@ -495,4 +514,4 @@
        cd ${WRKDIR} ; ${SED} -i -e '/PLIST.doc/ r PLIST.doc' ${TMPPLIST}

-.include <>
+.include <>

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