Localization in Firefox and Thunderbird

Rainer Hurling rhurlin at gwdg.de
Sun Feb 5 10:11:22 UTC 2012

On 05.02.2012 10:33 (UTC+1), Gökşin Akdeniz wrote:
>> Any advise on this?
> Both Firefox and Thunderbird localization depends on<lang>.xpi files,
> which have to be installed either manually or via localization ports;
> for Firefox it is /usr/ports/www/firefox-i18n and Thunderbird
> /usr/ports/mail/thunderbird-i18n. These ports rely on
> xpi-quick-locale-switcher which is located in
> /usr/ports/www/xpi-quick-locale-switcher. By default a couple of
> locales are set default and you have to select your native language for
> Firefox and add swedish to makefile located
> in /usr/ports/mail/thunderbird-i18n in order to run it in your native
> language.
> For Firefox selecting native language works fine and native language is
> included in each port and software upgrades. All you have to do is to
> check if Firefox is English and switch to your preferred localae if
> necessary and make necessary adjustments with xpi-quick-locale-switcher.
> For Thunderbird it works different. Thunderbird localization port works
> via a predefined locales which all are hardcoded
> in /usr/ports/mail/thunderbird-i18n/Makefile. You have to add your
> native locale everytime /usr/ports/mail/thunderbird-i18n port is
> upgraded. After ward you can compile, install and run Thunderbird with
> your native language.
> This process has a caveat also. thunderbird utilezes a reg,istry live
> configuration which requires to be updated in order to run with your
> native language. After you have upgraded thunderbird you may have to
> check out addons and select native "language" in order to run it in
> native language of yours.
> And the shortcut: Download language xpi files forem Mozilla ftp sites
> and install lang.xpi file by openning it with Firefox/thunderbird and
> select your native langugae from addons dropdown menu at the toolbar.
> restart Firefox/Thuınderbird and it is set till nexty upgrade. You have
> to repeat this process everytime you upgrade Firefox and Thunderbird.
> That is my work around solution. I hope it helps. Any better solutions
> than mine are always wellcome.

As Leslie desribed, he used the ports www/firefox-i18n and 
mail/thunderbird-i18n for this. And this does not work for him.

I can confirm that this worked until 9.0.1, but now with 10.0 there is 
only 'English (United States)' to choose. I want German language ...

It seems there is something odd with these ports or the new versions of 
firefox and thunderbird.


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