Nvidia optimus laptops

Eyjólfur Kári Friðþjófsson ekf1 at hi.is
Thu Feb 2 01:48:56 UTC 2012

Any plans on getting the nvidia optimus gpu´s working fulltime on BSD?
Its working on linux trough bumblebee 3.0 and virtualgl with some fake
xserver and its blazing fast! I can run the Unigine Heaven and tropics
benchmarks in opengl with tesselation faster then on directx11 on windows.
Thing is i would love to be able to switch from xbuntu to FreeBsd + xfce
but i hate having hardware thats not doing what its supposed to inside my

SLI is another issue, getting multiple gpu´s to work together
Nvidia has been much better with their driver suppport then ATI but 3d
gaming is ofc not big on unix unless OSX gains some ground

Anyway i would love to see someone port bumblebee 3.0 ( or the fork
ironhide) to the BSD platform and get it running with opengl 4 on BSD

Eyjólfur Kári Friðþjófsson
Student of computer Science from the university of Iceland

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