Stumbling block on updating devel/doxygen

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at
Sun Dec 30 10:12:56 UTC 2012

> As the maintainer of devel/doxygen, I am trying to update the port to 1.8.3.
> But I am running into an error upon it trying to create it's docs.  This
> appears to be due to the version of latex we use from teTeX being too old.

> The problem is that it is failing on creating a .dvi version of the manual
> in order to create a .ps version of it.  The creation of the .pdf version of
> the manual appears to be fine, but the creation of the other two appears to
> be specific to the FreeBSD port, and was being done prior to my taking over
> the port.

> What I need to know is if there is actually a demand for the .dvi/.ps
> versions of the doxygen manual.  I have been receiving some help from
> doxygen's developer, but considering that this problem isn't in an
> unmodified version of doxygen, I would prefer to stop supplying the .dvi/.ps
> files.

> Thanks,
> Naram Qashat

I think most modern printers handle .pdf files, and a package/port like xpdf
can read .pdf files without printing.  I don't see .dvi/.ps files as useful,
more of a nuisance, but maybe some people have use for .dvi files with various
versions of TeX?


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