9.1-PRE: updating of pkg-1.0.3 -> pkg-1.0.4 fails

O. Hartmann ohartman at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Dec 29 09:59:50 UTC 2012

Am 12/28/12 23:04, schrieb Baptiste Daroussin:
> On Fri, Dec 28, 2012 at 10:39:00PM +0100, O. Hartmann wrote:
>> Am 12/28/12 15:01, schrieb Olli Hauer:
>>> On 2012-12-28 14:45, Hartmann, O. wrote:
>>>> Last time I update ports on my latop was on Dec 20th. Everything went
>>>> well. Today I grabbed the laptop again, made an update of the ports tree
>>>> and try running portmaster.
>>>> The laptop is running FreeBSD 9.1-PRERELEASE #142 r244377: Tue Dec 18
>>>> 07:29:18 CET 2012.
>>>> The update of pkgng is the first in line to be updated, but it fails as
>>>> you can see below. I do not understand the recommendations, since I use
>>>> USE_PKGNG=yes on that box without problems for a couple of weeks now.
>>>> I then downloaded the new pkg-1.0.4 sources manually and did a manula
>>>> update jumping into ports-mgmt/pkg; make reinstall.
>>>> This worked, but leaves the record in the pkg-db still on 1.0.3, so any
>>>> further portmaster attempt will end in installing the update of pkg
>>>> first, which ends up in the nasty message below.
>>>> I can not see this behaviour on any FreeBSD 10.0 box I have around!
>>>> What is wrong here?
>>>> Oliver
>>>> [...]
>>>> ===>  Cleaning for pkg-1.0.4_1
>>>> You are about to convert your system to pkgng while you have ports/packages
>>>> installed with the old pkg_install tools.
>>>> You can choose to:
>>>> - keep pkg_install as the package management system by adding this line
>>>> to /etc/make.conf:
>>>>     WITHOUT_PKGNG=yes
>>>> - switch to pkgng:
>>>>     1) Add WITHOUT_PKGNG to /etc/make.conf
>>>>     2) Install ports-mgmt/pkg
>>>>     3) Convert your package database by running pkg2ng
>>>>     4) Remove WITHOUT_PKGNG from /etc/make.conf
>>>> *** [pre-everything] Error code 1
>>>> Stop in /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/pkg.
>>>> ===>>> make failed for ports-mgmt/pkg
>>>> ===>>> Aborting update
>>>> ===>>> Update for pkg-1.0.3_1 failed
>>>> ===>>> Aborting update
>>>> Terminated
>>>> ===>>> You can restart from the point of failure with this command line:
>>>>        portmaster <flags> ports-mgmt/pkg devel/pkgconf
>>> Hm, can you look into the directory /var/db/pkg and check there a no leftovers from the old pkg tools (directories).
>>> If there are any old directories the pre-everything target will be executed and you see this failure.
>>> What gives the command pkg_info as output?
>>> --
>>> Regards,
>>> olli
>> portmaster installs for each port still a directory in /var/db/pkg - so
>> there are plenty of directories.
>> I deleted them all and tried again - this time the update worked.
>> This is very strange and seems to be unlogical.
>> Oliver
> Some of them were not only portmaster distfiles. Some where leftovers from your
> conversion, (the ones with +CONTENTS in them) given that iirc you are now using
> pkgng for long, I guess, that it doesn't matter at all, and the left overs were
> "fixed" by your regular updates.
> regards,
> Bapt

talking about this specific pkgng update problem leads to other problems
of installing software. I can not say whether it is a
portmaster-specific problem or the way PKGNG keeps data, but like
OpenCV, there are other ports failing to compile or install or update
properly due to "leftovers" made by portmaster in /var/db/pkg. Deleting
them makes things go well again - partially.

In one case of my servers I can assure that there were no use of any
old-style package tools! By beginning of November this year I set up a
new server with FreeBSD 10-CURRENT using purely PKGNG. Since portmaster
tends to be problematic those days due to lack of adaption, I used
portupgrade for a while, but moved for maintainance to portmaster after
the patch to portmaster for PKGN has been commited. Since then,
portmaster installs its files in /var/db/pkg - no "leftover" files. And
on that machine those problems also occur with failing updates.



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