Gerald Pfeifer gerald at
Sat Dec 29 00:09:13 UTC 2012

On Mon, 6 Aug 2012, b. f. wrote:
> Oops: I forgot though, that partly due to this policy of not bumping
> gcc shared library versions, we have some shared libraries in the base
> system that conflict with the shared libraries of the various gcc
> ports, and we have been enforcing the right links by inscribing hints
> in the binaries to look first in the right gcc port directories.  But
> if we update lang/gcc from 4.6.x to another major version (e.g.
> 4.7.x), the directory changes, and linking for the old binaries will
> fail.  So let me qualify my earlier answer: you can keep the old
> software working with minimal intervention, for example, by adding a
> symlink from the old directory to the new one.

What we could do, for the canonical version of GCC (lang/gcc,
USE_GCC=yes) is install those libraries into /usr/local/lib
instead of /usr/local/lib/gccXY as we are doing for lang/gccXY.

What do you think?

>>> I had patches to do this even without pkgng, but it made things a 
>>> little more complicated, and didn't seem to be a high priority, so I 
>>> didn't pursue it.  If people feel that it is important, I could work 
>>> with Gerald to revive that
>> Making this change now would benefit a lot of people, now.
> Okay, but since I'm not in charge either, it will require (at least)
> Gerald's consent.

That would be cool.  Bapt wanted to look into this as well a few
months ago, so perhaps the two of you can (should?) sync before


PS: I don't think we should go for the other option, static linking.

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