Can't build kernel with ndis

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at
Fri Dec 28 09:26:59 UTC 2012

> Once you get used to it, the merge operation in mergemaster is pretty
> easy to use on most files. Always use 'r' for the $FreeBSD$ line and
> 'l' for the sections that are modified. In the password and group
> files, it is usually just 'r' followed by a few 'l's. I run the
> "pre-buildworld" run (-p) as is and use -iPF options with the 'main'
> mergemaster run. You can also use 'U' which will save a lot of time in
> the main run, but it is NOT fool-proof and can bite you on rather rare
> occasions, so I have stopped using it. Believe me when I tell you it
> was a LOT worse in the days before mergemaster was written and all of
> the merging had to be done by hand. That was really a pain!

> Good luck with ndis. I've had mixed success with it over the years,
> but have no devices that require it ATM and even when I did, I used
> the module.
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> R. Kevin Oberman, Network Engineer
> E-mail: kob6558 at

I guess doing all the merging by hand, prior to mergemaster, was error-prone.

NetBSD has etcupdate.  I am not decided which is better between NetBSD etcupdate and FreeBSD mergemaster.

I think etcupdate is less destructive.  With mergemaster, you really need to make a backup copy of /etc.


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