Can't build kernel with ndis

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at
Thu Dec 27 10:48:28 UTC 2012

> If you want to insert the auditdistd user manually, that is fine,
> though I find doing it with mergemaster easier. (If you use it
> correctly ('m' option), it won't destroy your password file. But don't
> do it with vi. the actual pssword file is only a part of the process
> and the tool to properly edit it is vipw.  Ir will edit /etc/passed,
> update master.passwd file, and, most importantly, update actual
> passworf databases. You can manually do this by running  pwd_mkdb.
> --
> R. Kevin Oberman, Network Engineer
> E-mail: kob6558 at

Your typos confused me, I couldn't find a file /etc/passed but found /etc/passwd.

vipw made no changes for me.

I finally found how to use the m option inside mergemaster -p, it was very tricky.

mergemaster -m is for using a different directory instead of /etc (I checked man page).

After many attempts, I found what was wrong and changed the newly-offending line in /etc/master.passwd .

So finally I was able to make installkernel with apparent success.  I will let rebooting single-user and the rest of the update wait because I now am overdue for bed.  I also want to update for i386 and for a USB-stick amd64 installation, partly so I can test the ndiswrapper.  I also want to build wine (i386).


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