i3 maintainer for FreeBSD

Herbert J. Skuhra hskuhra at eumx.net
Wed Dec 26 00:10:43 UTC 2012

On Tue, 25 Dec 2012 21:39:49 -0000
sib at tormail.org wrote:

> Hello list.
> I'm an i3 user on FreeBSD, and really love the WM. I think we need a new
> maintainer for the port(1) in FreeBSD, though, because current one doesn't
> ever update it and ignores my mails. 4.4 has been out a little while, but
> we only have 4.2. I'd like to follow the latest versions. Can anyone
> volunteer to become the new maintainer? Sorry for my english.

Have you made any attempt to build i3-4.3 and i3-4.4 yourself? 
The file DEPENDS in i3 release >= 4.3  lists:

pango       │ 1.30.0 | 1.30.0 │ http://www.pango.org/                
cairo       │ 1.12.2 │ 1.12.2 │ http://cairographics.org/

There is only pango 1.28.4 and cairo 1.10.2 in ports.

So, there is obviously a good reason why the port hasn't been updated


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