multimedia/x264 workaround is broken

Matthew Rezny mrezny at
Tue Dec 25 13:43:53 UTC 2012

On 25 Dec, 2012, at 4:49, Kubilay Kocak wrote:

> On 25/12/2012 1:55 PM, Matthew Rezny wrote:
>> The immediate question is, what was the original error that mandated the workaround and does that error still occur with current version of Clang? If the latter is no, can we get rid of the temporary workaround?
> This may help provide some answers:
Thank you for the suggestion. However, the topic of that PR is disabling PGO to build with Clang. I had already turned off the PGO option before the first build attempt, and the problem I faced was the insistence upon calling the non-existent GCC regardless of chosen port options.

I did notice the links in the PR to redports, so perhaps you were suggesting I look at those for previous build error with Clang. Unfortunately, those links are useless, neither is a build log but instead a redirect to twitter. These are the second set of build logs that could be useful but aren't. I had first attempted to look at the log on the Ports and Clang wiki, but that file was on a host that is still down.

The first build log being unavailable due to a downed host is annoying. The second set of build logs being unavailable only had to be an annoyance, but it was turned into an offense with the Twitter redirect. That is almost as offensive as seeing mention in the announcements that some things will be posted on Facebook. WTF! Did someone miss their scheduled beating with the cluebat? The spying with Google analytics was bad enough, but at least that can be disabled by the client browser. Stuff posted on Facebook is essentially thrown away effort; not only is it locked away in a  non-public location, but ownership of the material is relinquished.

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