libreoffice 3.5.7_1 and icu-50.1

Luca Pizzamiglio luca.pizzamiglio at
Thu Dec 20 12:31:05 UTC 2012


I've some trouble to compile libreoffice 3.5.7_1 after icu update to 50.1

the problem is located in i18npool module and the error is during the link

/usr/ports/editors/libreoffice/work/libreoffice-core- In function
`sal_main_with_args(int, char**)':
gencoll_rule.cxx:(.text+0x3e5): undefined reference to
`icu_50::UnicodeString::UnicodeString(char16_t const*)'

In details, the source code of i18npool/source/collator/gencoll_rule.cxx
line that creates the problem is the 119:

RuleBasedCollator *coll = new RuleBasedCollator(reinterpret_cast<const
UChar *>(Obuf.getStr()), status);    // UChar != sal_Unicode in MinGW

effectively, objdump confirm a problem with UnicodeString constructors. In
gencoll_rule.o the symbol is:

00000000         *UND*  00000000 _ZN6icu_5013UnicodeStringC1EPKDs

but constructor symbols in /usr/local/lib/ are:

00970d0 g    DF .text  00000085  Base
00092590 g    DF .text  00000079  Base
000971f0 g    DF .text  00000086  Base
00092790 g    DF .text  00000117  Base
00095d00 g    DF .text  000000e7  Base
00092490 g    DF .text  0000007d  Base
00092390 g    DF .text  00000078  Base
00092690 g    DF .text  0000007e  Base

I've no idea how to fix it, it seems that at compile time the constructor
is recognized, but at link time it doesn't.

My system is STABLE-8 i386.

any suggestion to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance!
Best regards,

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