FreeBSD Port: sysutils/munin-node

Martin Olsson martin.olsson at
Mon Dec 17 15:15:38 UTC 2012



When I rebuild all my ports on my two build machines (i386 and amd64), the

portmaster build process always stop with an interactive question from

Would you like me to set up log rotation [y]?



Since this is just build machines, I don't actually run munin on them, I'm

just creating the installation packages to be used on other machines.


Is there a way to prevent munin from asking the interactive question about

log rotation and just keep going on building without an annoying pause in

build process?






Snippet of build process:




===> Installing rc.d startup script(s)

Initializing new plugins..# FATAL: version '2.0.7' was not found in the
plugin history file


Cannot 'start' munin_node. Set munin_node_enable to YES in /etc/rc.conf or
use 'onestart' instead of 'start'.

Would you like me to set up log rotation [y]? n

/var/log/munin-node.log will grow without bounds.







#pkg_info | grep munin

munin-common-2.0.9  Common components between a munin node and server




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