New port question JBoss 7.1.3

Alexander Yerenkow yerenkow at
Wed Dec 12 21:32:51 UTC 2012

2012/12/12 Radim Kolar <hsn at>

> any progress with jboss 7.1.3 update? i checked ports tree and it is still
> not here. No need to create new port, just replace jboss7 port.

No, let 7.1.1 be there. This release is last one whithc provided in binary
jboss71 will be 7.1.3 (and if there will be updates in 7.1.x they will be
in this port).
And a bit later, I'll introduce new port jboss72.

Until port isn't in ports tree you can get it here -

P.S. Any committer who commit this port in ports tree of course will save
the time :)

Alexander Yerenkow

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