Compiz problem - Undefined symbol "animGetI"

Dimitry Andric dim at
Tue Dec 11 20:03:53 UTC 2012

On 2012-12-08 20:32, AN wrote:
> I believe this is related to the switch to clang because the same hardware
> was configured the same way previously, the only difference is that the
> system where Compiz was working was compiled with GCC 4.2.
> When I run the following on the command line:
> compiz --replace --sm-disable --ignore-desktop-hints ccp &
> gtk-window-decorator --replace &
> I get:
> /usr/local/lib/compiz/ Undefined symbol "animGetI"

Please try applying the attached patch (easiest is to use svn patch from
the root of your ports tree).  This fixes a number of problems with
inline functions in compiz-plugins-main.
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