How to update ports tree indexes when using svn

David Wolfskill david at
Mon Dec 10 14:51:10 UTC 2012

On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 06:39:56PM +0400, S.N.Grigoriev wrote:
> Hi list,
> after the security announcement ( I use svn to update my local ports tree. I've found out that the port index is not updated. What is the preferred/recommended way to update port indexes when using svn?
> ...

First, I've redirected the list recipient from stable@ to ports@, as
this has nothing to do with which branch of the OS you're using, and
everything to do with the Ports collection.

Second, it also has nothing to do with SVN (vs., e.g, CVS): regardless,
the INDEX is a generated file, and does not come (directly) from the

Finally, you can perform "make index" in the ports directory, though
this tends to be time-consuming.  "make fetchindex" is an alternative,
but the usefulness of that depends on how recently that INDEX was built.

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