Discussion concerning: New dialog for ports

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at insightbb.com
Sat Dec 1 07:20:21 UTC 2012

I sent this message but forgot to change a subject line from an old message, so intended recipients/readers may have missed it.

Sorry for any confusion caused by my slip!

> Hi Folks,

> Few week ago I started work on new dialog for ports, main idea it's adding functionality, I guess you know ;)
> I took checklist.c from libdialog and modified it for us. Regarding license, I discussed with Thomas E. Dickey(author dialog) he said I can't change LGPL to
> +BSD but it should not be a problem.
> What we have now:
> - check + radio lists in on box (and yes we can put off radiobox)
> - separate line with text
> - dynamic width/height size
> - all features from checklist.c :)
> -- mouse support
> -- hotkey for find a lines
> My plan:
> - add Help button/F1/alt-h/esc-1 (actually don't know how will be better)
> - button for license
> - fixing bugs >_<
> - start work on parsing receiving data, after that should be ready for testing.

> Regarding parsing data I want discuss here. Wanna correct understand what will be better, now I have few variants:
> 1. Get all data from env. variables
> 2. Use the same with old dialog style, I mean receive from STDIN
> 3. From file? <- guess bad idea
> Your ideas?

> And certainly screeshots:
> Big description(just for test);
>   In X -- http://imm.io/NkVR
>   In Terminal -- https://www.dropbox.com/s/bzt8zszpk40jrso/2012-11-29%2014.59.53.jpg
> With license button:
>   in X -- http://imm.io/Nl9K

> You can find my repo there: https://bitbucket.org/m1cro/d4p/. I'll be happy for all response ;)

> With Best Regards,
> Ilya A. Arkhipov

I'd like a dialog, if there is to be a dialog rather than setting options in /etc/make.conf, that would not mess up when the user keeps a log of a build using tee or script.

One possibility would be to do the dialog in a virtual terminal separate from the ports build.

Configuration dialog has to work from nongraphical interface, since FreeBSD base system, where a user would start, has no graphical interface.

I like the idea of putting port options in a file, as NetBSD pkgsrc does using /etc/mk.conf, or possibly /usr/pkg/etc/mk.conf when on a non-NetBSD platform.


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