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Thu Aug 30 14:19:42 UTC 2012

Hi all,

Since Julien Laffaye and I started pkgng lots of things has happened and here we
are now.

After 2 years of development (first commit "Tue Sep 7 2010"), more than 2000
commits, 43 different contibutors.  The pkgng team is proud to release pkg-1.0!

Before going further I would like to thanks any one that has been involved in
pkgng providing code: Alberto Villa, Andrej Zverev, Andrey Zonov, Arthur
Gautier, Ashish SHUKLA, Beat Gaetzi, Brad Davis, Bryan Drewery, Chris Rees,
Craig Rodrigues, Daniel Shahaf, David Forsythe, David Naylor, Eitan Adler,
Florent Thoumie, Frederic Culot, Garrett Cooper, Glen Barber, Jonathan Anderson,
Koop Mast, Lars Engels, Joffrey Lassignardie, Marco Steinbach, Marin Atanasov
Nikolov, Matthew Seaman, Maxim Ignatenko, Michael Brune, Philippe Pepiot, Pietro
Cerutti, Rolf Grossmann, Roman Naumann, Sofian Brabez, Sunpoet Po-Chuan Hsieh,
Toni Ylenius, Will Andrews, Yuri Pankov

There are also some people I would like to thanks in particular:
- Will Andrews, who has been the first to join the project after the first
presentation at BSDCan 2010.

- Jilles Tjoelker, who has been continuously reviewing commit, spotted mistake,
provided advices.

- Matthew Seaman and Bryan Drewery who have become two of the most active
developers in a very short time and have improved pkgng a lot!

- Marin Atanasov Nikolov, who has been working heavily on multirepository support,
providing continuous integration environement, and many more.

- All the portmgr from prior my election as member of that team, they invited us
to BSDCan to present our early version of pkgng (which was a really early
version :D), they trusted in pkgng and motivated us a lot!

Thanks to all the testers/reviewers, early adopters.


1/ Why pkg?

Our current pkg_install tools are showing their age, are hard to maintain,
and they lack features:

- missing metadata
- no upgrade support
- no repository support
- no fine dependency tracking
- no modern binary package management
- and many others

Having old tools makes it hard to improve the ports infrastructure, as a
result lots of hacks have found their way into the different Mk/bsd.*.mk
files to work around pkg_install limitations plus there are lots of hacks
in the packages metadata itself such as @comment which are not comments,
and so forth.

2/ What it is?

It is a tool that is designed to replace pkg_install and provide modern
features and advanced package management for FreeBSD.

The ports tree is already able to transparently switch to pkgng by default by
adding WITH_PKGNG=yes to your make.conf

It provides a pkg2ng tool to help converting from an old installation to a new

Test repositories are available on (I try to update
them as fast as I can)

It will live forever in the ports tree (with a binary bootstrap in 9 and 10)

Third party tools

Tools supporting natively pkgng
  - ports-mgmt/portupgrade-devel (soon the main portupgrade will support)
  - ports-mgmt/pkg_cutleaves
  - ports-mgmt/poudriere
  - ports-mgmt/poudriere-devel
  - ports-mgmt/portdowngrade
  - ports-mgmt/tinderbox-devel (support can be improved)
  - ports-mgmt/portbuilder
  - sysutils/bsdstats

Tools supporting pkgng via a patch (I hope it will be reviewed/integrated soon)
  - ports-mgmt/portmaster (

Tools being worked on (or I heard people are interested) :
  - salt support (in version 0.10) and
  - cfengine support (
  - puppet support: (
  - ruby bindings: (
  - PackageKit

  - Continuous integration and package building:
  - Maintaining your own pkgng repository with tinderbox:


Please report bugs in the github issue tracker:

Please note the is updated on best effort, there is still a lot of work needed, to be able to automatically and update on regular basis the package sets.

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