pkgng questions

Jamie Paul Griffin jamie at
Thu Aug 30 13:43:58 UTC 2012

[ Mark Felder wrote on Thu 30.Aug'12 at  7:01:43 -0500 ]

> I think you're very confused about what pkgng is for. At this time, ports  
> are STILL the recommended way to install things and keep them up to date.  
> Pkgng is the first step required for us to get a better package management  
> system so we can shift the community towards primarily using packages.

Can i ask, why is it that shifting the community to using packages is deemed to be a better approach? I like being able to select configuration options to build software. I have never installed a pre-compiled package since using FreeBSD version 6.x. I recall someone responding in another thread about how people don't like change but surely being able to choose is what end-users want. I am sure this has been discussed at length in other threads and sorry if i'm asking old questions.


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