pkgng questions

Matt Burke mattblists at
Thu Aug 30 10:06:10 UTC 2012

1. How do I get pkg to use packages built against 9.1-RC1? VirtualBox is
playing up (no ethernet, unkillable crashes, etc) and I suspect it's the
kernel module...

2. Is there a list of ports like nvidia-driver, nspluginwrapper,
linux-f10-flashplugin, sampleicc (dependency of libreoffice!) which aren't
in pkgng?

2a. How do I install libreoffice when a dependency isn't in pkgng?

3. How do I force pkg to install/upgrade a single package, regardless of
dependencies being out of date?

4. How do I get poudiere to build against a local src/obj tree, or a zfs
snapshot of a pre-built jail, instead of 9.0-RELEASE?

5. How do I get poudiere to build against the packages a pkgng client will
use instead of building everything for itself? It might help to reduce the
discrepancy between the 30 secs it takes to rebuild sysutils/conky from
ports on my desktop, and the >1hour it takes poudiere on a hefty server to
download+build X and all its dependencies

6. Is pkgng really replacing base when poudiere requires ZFS? How will
ports work if pkg_* are gone? Seriously, shouldn't ports at least be able
to work with pkgng, and the default FreeBSD install be to a ZFS root before
people are stuffed with the "wrong" choices (UFS) they made?

7. How do I configure pkg to use packages from a certain historical
release? I need my servers to be identical software-wise regardless of when
I install them. In other words, I DON'T want the latest versions.

8. Is there a pkgng equivalent of 'ls -lt /var/db/pkg' without firing up

9. Why didn't pkg upgrade tell me it replaced my custom-built packages? I'd
have liked for it to not break stuff when /var/db/ports/*/options differed
from the options I can see pkgng keeps in its metadata...


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