lang/gcc46 dependency loop on lang/gcc

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Wed Aug 29 22:30:58 UTC 2012


>  > 	Life Happened(tm), which means I'll get to this first thing
>  > tomorrow,

	Back on the job.
	Steps so far:

1) de-installed gcc46
2) removed suspect parts of make.conf
3) installed gcc48
4) de-installed gcc48
5) added back major suspect parts of make.conf, 
	but removed line involving lang/gcc
6) installed gcc46
7) added back line involving lang/gcc
8) built gcc46
9) added back rest of suspect parts
10) built gcc46
11) used portmaster to re-build/re-install gcc46

	All steps succeeded.
	Whatever the breakage is, it has - at least for the moment -
gone away.  No idea what it was.

	Thanks for the help.
	Sorry for the interruption for what appears to be a local

				Robert Huff


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