sysutils/conky Configure Options in Makefile

Jamie Paul Griffin jamie at
Wed Aug 29 08:37:22 UTC 2012

[ Matt Burke wrote on Wed 29.Aug'12 at  9:01:59 +0100 ]

> On 08/28/12 21:41, Jamie Paul Griffin wrote:
> > I have installed conky for use with my wm which is Spectrwm. However,
> > looking in the conky Makefile one of the configure options has been
> > disabled, tcp monitoring (--disable-portmon), which is a feature i'd
> > quite like to have available. Is there a reason the maintainer has
> > disabled this option, perhaps due to security or incompatibility, etc.,
> > that anyone knows of?
> It appears to be disabled in the port Makefile because Conky's configure
> script says it's not supported on FreeBSD.
> cd /usr/ports/*/conky
> make clean patch
> vi Makefile - remove the --disable-portmon
> vi work/conky*/configure  - change xLinux to xFreeBSD at line 14043
> make
> Dunno if it actually works, but it does build, albeit with a warning for me:
Cheers Matt, i'll leave it then. It's not worth the hassle by the sounds of it. Thanks for the info though.


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