PKG_NG: pkg deinstall fails with "argument list too long"

Stefan Esser se at
Mon Aug 27 18:03:58 UTC 2012

PKG_NG seems to have introduced a limit on the size of ports that can be

# cd /usr/ports/math/lapack
#  make deinstall
===>  Deinstalling for math/lapack
===>   Deinstalling lapack-3.4.0_2
The following packages will be deinstalled:


The deinstallation will free 28 MB
Deinstalling lapack-3.4.0_2...lapack-3.4.0_2 is required by:
qrupdate-1.1.1, deleting anyway
pkg: Cannot run script(DEINSTALL): Argument list too long
*** [deinstall] Error code 3

This is on an up-to-date -CURRENT with freshly fetched ports and
pkg-1.0.r6_1 and WITH_PKGNG=yes in /etc/make.conf.

Regards, STefan

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