Regression in PREFIX handling in packages

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Sun Aug 26 20:55:00 UTC 2012


I detected a regression in the handling of the registration of the
PREFIX in packages. I'm not sure when it was introduced, surely more
than a month ago.

The problem:
 - I have a symlink from /usr/local to another place X.
 - I share packages between this system A and some jails.
 - The jails don't have place X and /usr/local is no symlink.
 - Packages generated on the system A are installed into place X in
   the jails.

So in short: the realpath of PREFIX is recorded in the packages, not
the value of PREFIX as before.

I had a quick look at bsd.*.mk, but didn't notice something obvious. So
in case it is pkg_create which is doing this, I updated from r238438
to r239708.


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