pkgng suggestion: renaming /usr/sbin/pkg to /usr/sbin/pkg-bootstrap

Doug Barton dougb at
Sun Aug 26 20:50:34 UTC 2012

On 08/26/2012 13:35, Warren Block wrote:
> On Sun, 26 Aug 2012, Ian Lepore wrote:
>> On Sun, 2012-08-26 at 20:58 +0200, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
>>> On Sun, Aug 26, 2012 at 11:39:07AM -0700, Doug Barton wrote:
>>>> On 08/26/2012 05:58, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
>>>> This isn't the security issue I was talking about by having sbin/pkg
>>>> pass every command line to local/sbin/pkg.
>>>> You keep saying that you have no objections to changing the name. I am
>>>> asking you to do that. I don't care if it is pkg-bootstrap or something
>>>> else you like better. But please change the name to not be pkg, and
>>>> limit the functionality of the tool to bootstrapping the pkg package.
>>> I received more feedback about keep pkg and changing it to
>>> pkg-bootstrap, so what should I do, changing it because you are
>>> asking for it?
>> Would this get better if the bootstrap tool were named pkg and were
>> installed on a fresh system at /usr/local/sbin, so that it in effect
>> replaces itself with the real thing, and has no need to leave a
>> forwarding stub in /usr/sbin ?
>> Maybe it could rename itself to /usr/local/sbin/pkg-bootstrap as part of
>> replacing itself, so that you could re-bootstrap your way out of a
>> problem later.
> Ew.  But on a similar note, an idea I just had in IRC is to have pkgng
> overwrite the base /usr/bin/pkg with a link to /usr/local/bin/pkg.
> That effectively removes that binary.  We do have precedent for ports
> overwriting base with sendmail and openssl.

... and bind, but that's a whole different category of problems.

>> Hmmm, might have to be careful that future updates don't replace the
>> real thing with a newer bootstrap program.
> Yes.  A link could be detected by installworld and not overwritten...
> although that's a hack.

Like you said above, Ew. :)

There really is no need to be so clever here. The bootstrapping issue is
going to be a minor annoyance that affects a small percentage of our users.



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