pkgng suggestion: renaming /usr/sbin/pkg to /usr/sbin/pkg-bootstrap

Baptiste Daroussin bapt at
Fri Aug 24 08:15:47 UTC 2012

On Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 06:19:57PM -0400, Steve Wills wrote:
> Hi,
> It seems to me that renaming the pkg binary in /usr/sbin/pkg to /usr/sbin/pkg-bootstrap would make sense. From a user standpoint, it is confusing that running the command gets different results the second time it is run vs. the first time. I can imagine a user saying "I ran pkg, but it didn't do what they said it would.  Now I run it again, and it does do what it is supposed to." Also, it would enable setting up a pkg-bootstrap man page separate from the pkg man page, without confusion about which one you're looking at.
> So, opinions? There may still be time to fix it for 9.1 if we can decide quickly.
> Thanks,
> Steve

BTW for people who haven't tested and want to share their opinion, here is how
work /usr/sbin/pkg:

it first checks if ${LOCALBASE}/sbin/pkg is there
 - if yes it directly execute ${LOCALBASE}/sbin/pkg with arguments passed to /usr/sbin/pkg
 - if no then it will determine you ABI (or take the one in environnement
   variable), and fetch the last available pkgng version from http://pkgbeta...
   it will extract pkg-static and use it to install pkgng with itself.
   on installation is done:  it executes ${LOCALBASE}/sbin/pkg with arguments
   passed to /usr/sbin/pkg.

Lots of people having ask in the early days of pkgng for a transparent bootstrap
I have done it that way.

On of the thing I forgot and kan@ has added is a prompt for the user in case it
is going to bootstrap.

So that mean that for a normal user, on a fresh vanilla FreeBSD
"pkg install vim-lite" will prompt the user asking if he wants to bootstrap
pkgng, and once bootstraped proceed to the installation of vim-lite

if pkgng is already there then it will just install vim-lite.

It was just to clarify, so that anyone understand was this is about.

I tend to like the bootstrap like it is now (I find it transparent, and straight
forward) but as I said earlier I have no strong opinion on this, so it most
people prefers a separate pkg-bootstrap tools then I'll do it :)

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