pkgng suggestion: renaming /usr/sbin/pkg to /usr/sbin/pkg-bootstrap

Bryan Drewery bryan at
Thu Aug 23 22:38:10 UTC 2012

On 8/23/2012 5:19 PM, Steve Wills wrote:
> Hi,
> It seems to me that renaming the pkg binary in /usr/sbin/pkg to /usr/sbin/pkg-bootstrap would make sense. From a user standpoint, it is confusing that running the command gets different results the second time it is run vs. the first time. I can imagine a user saying "I ran pkg, but it didn't do what they said it would.  Now I run it again, and it does do what it is supposed to." Also, it would enable setting up a pkg-bootstrap man page separate from the pkg man page, without confusion about which one you're looking at.
> So, opinions? There may still be time to fix it for 9.1 if we can decide quickly.
> Thanks,
> Steve

Even automated tools can be prone to that mistake.

I think either we need to make the bootstrapper be silent and forward
the command to the downloaded version (kind of surprising... what is
taking so long??) (and higher risk to rush in right now) or rename as
you suggested.

But if we rename, when and who runs it? Will we update to
run it if needed?


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