pkgng 1.0 release schedule [...concerns...thread...continued...]

Baptiste Daroussin bapt at
Thu Aug 23 08:31:01 UTC 2012

On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 05:37:54AM -0700, Jeffrey Bouquet wrote:
> I view, rightly-or-wrongly, the mandatory usage of pkgng VS
> /var/db/pkg/portname-number, as somewhat of a showstopper, at least
> without more assurances... I interact daily with /var/db/pkg as
> follows...
> using the shells' tab-completion of /var/db/pkg/ to more efficiently
> pkg_create, pkg_delete
> portmaster -d -B -P -i -g /var/db/pkg/ /var/db/pkg/ /var/db/pkg/ /var/db/pkg /var/db/pkg/ /var/db/pkg... && yell || yell;
> #zsh# no space on the machine for pkgng
> #zsh# in /var/db/pkg # does not pkg_complete without the pwd
> #zsh# pkg_delete -f portname-number && pkg_add /mnt/portmaster-download/portname-number...
> #var/db/pkg#  ls -lac | grep py26  # upgrading to py27
> #var/db/pkg#  ls -lac | grep diff # what tools can I use
> make build-depends-list
> ls -lac /var/db/pkg/this
> ls -lac /var/db/pkg/that
> #... which port is less-recently upgraded that might fix this port...
> /usr/ports/devel/gettext
> cp -iv /var/db/pkg/gett[tab]/+REQUIRED_BY .
> #  reference for prior-to rebuild, esp., if UPDATING ...
> ...
> #  to defer or not the upgrade of a port, 
> Any lesser-easily equivalent to these using pkgng, if it involves
> actually writing down the name-number (lacking tab completion), would
> incur a serious time cost AFAIK, not to mention RSI.
> ...
> Also, 'fails to register' in pkgng... with /var/db/pkg, at least
> one can "make -k install"  ( I should elaborate this concern more,
> but where would the "failed to register"  exist?  Files would be
> installed but ... pkgng would put a file in /work/ detailing its
> failure to register the port and why??
> I rightly-or-wrongly picture pkgng sort of as a front-end to /var/db/pkg/, then removal
> of the latter.  Unless clear equivalents using pkgng to the 
> CLI and scenarios I've posted above are elucidated, put in a 
> flowchart  somewhere (or the wiki...)... it *sort of* forces the
> use of packages rather than building from ports  ?? Or I am
> just inexperienced...   

Most of the things you are doing are useless now with pkgng, because pkgng do
provide mechanism for them natively. pkgng also provides 'pkg query' which is 
designed to help scripting to gather informations about the local database.

Concerning the tab-completion, I have already gives to some user pointers to
update _portmaster completion (for zsh) function so that it works with pkgng, it
is mostly one line to modify.

I will run a real zsh completion function for pkgng itself one day, given how
bad is the current completion for pkg_* tools, I don't see it as a show stopper.
Plus it is not because CURRENT will be switch by default to pkgng that pkg_*
tools will be removed at the same time, there will be a cohabitation period to
allow people to upgrade their scripts, learn about pkgng and new way to do
things, etc.

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