www/pecl-APC 3.1.12 Serious Memory Problem

Steve Wills steve at mouf.net
Mon Aug 20 02:33:25 UTC 2012

On 08/19/12 19:21, John Marshall wrote:
> This morning I upgraded www/pecl-APC from 3.1.11 to 3.1.12 on a couple
> of web servers. I noticed, via apc.php, that the amount of memory I had
> allocated to the caches (32MB in one case and 64MB in the other) was
> almost immediately 100% utilized and, not long after that, httpd had
> used up all the physical memory and the system was swapping.
> Both systems are:
>  - 8.3-RELEASE amd64
>  - Apache 2.2.22
>  - PHP 5.4.5
> I have reverted to 3.1.11 and things are normal again.
> Thank you for maintaining this port.

Just as another data point, I experienced the exact same thing. Same
apache and php version, only difference was I'm on 9.0-i386.


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